2008 - 2014
Ministry of Defense
Damascus, Syria
Building Site
30,000 m2
Building Area
14,000 m2
MAG Group
Project Description

Military history museum building project

The project was launched as a competition in 2008, and it was participated in, and the project won the first prize, and it is now under implementation study

The Museum of Military History in Syria is a witness to the country's rich military history. The building, designed by MAG Group, is a modern and elegant structure that reflects Syria's commitment to progress. The museum's exhibits tell the story of the Syrian army, and serve as a reminder of the country's strength and resilience.

MAG collaborated with Arc-grun, a German landscape firm, to design the museum grounds. The landscape design fuses traditional Syrian elements, such as palm trees and fountains, with modern features. The result is a beautiful, serene environment that respects Syria's history and culture and is forward looking in its design.

MAG provided engineering design services for the museum project, where the team's expertise in architecture, structural engineering and landscape architecture ensured that the museum was designed to the highest standards of safety and quality. The result would be a world-class museum that is a source of pride for Syria and a testament to the country's commitment to progress.

The following are the roles and services provided by the study staff:

Architectural Design: The team developed the overall design of the museum, including the layout of the exhibits, the interior finishes, and the exterior facade.
Structural Engineering: The team designed the museum's structure to ensure that it could support the weight of the exhibits and items.
Landscape architecture: The team designed the museum grounds, including the layout of gardens, farms, and water features.

The museum carries a message of peace expressed by the olive branches, a symbol of peace in the world. Just as we hold the olive branch with one hand, we hold the sword with the other hand, the sword expressing honor. The peace we want is the peace of the honorable.

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