In 2008, Lab manager Aref Maksoud founded MAG LAB, a design platform that explores emergent architectural systems through innovative digital technology and applications. The studio brings together young architects, engineers, artists, and biologists with expertise in advanced computational design.

MAG LAB focuses on optimizing complex geometry with parametric design tools. This approach ensures that projects are both economically efficient and environmentally responsible.

MAG LAB also aims to create adaptable spatial organization by integrating architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and urban planning. The studio's work is informed by a variety of information sources, which allows them to create buildings that are both responsive to the present and adaptable to the future.

In addition to their architectural practice, MAG LAB is also actively involved in the academic field. The studio has taught at universities around the world and has published extensively on their work.

MAG LAB is committed to developing new architectural knowledge and practices that can help to shape a more sustainable and equitable future.


Critical Design Approach

MAG LAB operates a critical design approach that recognizes the inherent complexity in building and construction. The studio harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are robust and adaptable. MAG LAB's work is characterized by a strong emphasis on research and development. The studio is constantly exploring new ways to use digital technology to create innovative and sustainable buildings.



MAG LAB is committed to working collaboratively with other professionals. The studio has a long history of working with structural engineers, environmental engineers, media and graphic consultants, and artists. This collaborative approach allows MAG LAB to create buildings that are both beautiful and functional.



MAG LAB envisions a future in which architecture is used to create a more sustainable and equitable world. The studio is committed to developing new architectural knowledge and practices that can help to achieve this vision.

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